Įsigaliojo Geodezijos ir kartografijos įstatymo nauja redakcija

2010 m. gegužės 11 d.

Įsigaliojo GEODEZIJOS IR KARTOGRAFIJOS ĮSTATYMO PAKEITIMO ĮSTATYMAS (Nr. XI-786, 2010-04-27, Žin., 2010, Nr. 54-2649 (2010-05-11).

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Weerayut 2014 m. lapkričio 19 d. 23:31:49
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Riyas 2014 m. lapkričio 19 d. 10:53:23
The full <a href="">reicpe</a> is atI used a Rogue Chocolate Stout clone <a href="">reicpe</a> as the base. It ended up a bit lighter all around (color and feel) than a real stout.I used lavender that I had cut from my garden. It was cut about a week prior to brewing. It ended up being just about 1/2 ounce, which looks like quite a lot. I added the lavender to the boil at 10 minutes before flame off. That was definitely enough time for this particular <a href="">reicpe</a> the finished beer has a great balance of herb and chocolate. I haven't done any experimenting since this brew so I can't say much about how different timings would affect the result.What have you been trying? How has it been coming out?
Manoj 2014 m. lapkričio 16 d. 06:16:20
Kevin, I think that Barclay Perkins KK was called Burton on <a href="">drguaht</a> and Old Ale when bottled. KK was hopped at a higher rate than Mild. Looking at the 1936 BP beers again:PAOG 1053, FG 1012, 1.47 lb hops/barrelKKOG 1056, FG 1013, 1.84 lb hops/barrelXOG 1043, FG 1019, 0.97 lb hops/barrelWhich I guess would make it fairly hoppy.Barclay Perkins must have been serious about lager because they built a brewhouse specifically for it.
Nisha 2014 m. lapkričio 15 d. 07:12:12
. Meep will understand my staitstical analysis, if I send it to her. Not that I will. Suffice to say that we're not two sigma capable, let alone three. Cpk is 0.64. Any questions, ask an expert. I just do Stat to get by.But I told Y'all that one to note that I could use a virtual Beer about now. Or a real one. I hate it when I run out, because it's 40 miles as the crow flies to the nearest Off Sale . I'm in a Dry County.Oh, well. I've now admitted why I like virtual beer. I don't get the real thing nearly often enough.Bummer, that, but I like it here well enough to deal with adversity occasionally ..Maybe this Friday ..
2010 m. gegužės 14 d. 16:18:03
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