Matininkų kvalifikacijos kėlimo kursai (atnaujinta)

2012 m. rugpjūčio 25 d.

Šių metų rugsėjo 6-8 dienomis Kaune ir rugsėjo 25-27 dienomis Vilniuje Lietuvos matininkų asociacija organizuoja matininkų kvalifikacijos kėlimo kursus.

Kviečiame visus besidominčius dalyvauti.

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Raynoch 2016 m. gegužės 9 d. 04:49:59
Wow ksf, you and your hubby are quite the good looking couple!!! Can you always post a pic of him on the days you don&#8217;t give us a Javid installment? Haha! I kid I kid. No but seriously! ;PIt&#8217;s a good thing I watched the teenage dream vid before I watched the smexy one, kinda got me warmed up a little cuz Ho. Ly. Crap!!! How am I supposed to convince my hubby (or myself for that matter) that <a href="">Da8vd&#i217;s</a> looks have nothing to do with me being a fan girl?? Sheesh! And kimk you are right. He doesn&#8217;t know it.
Roxie 2016 m. gegužės 8 d. 22:09:42
Me parece un proyecto fantástico que servirá de hilo conductor a este año 2012 :o) Me gusta estos retos personales y el que has escogido me viene perfecto así que lo seguiremos con atención.Yo me he retado a preparar un yogur nuevo cada mes, casi me olvido que cuando creé el *** se suponía que sólo habría yogures!!!Besos y a por los 11 sierigntes!!!Palmiua [url=]wfyifmzam[/url] [link=]trhcsghtclw[/link]
Twiggy 2016 m. gegužės 7 d. 13:53:52
Liked the write-up, thought it was a great PPV. And THANK YOU for crediting Mark <a href="">HehSa-rneymus</a> as a great fuckin match. I thought I was going insane last night when I wanted instant analysis and the reviews I found were saying it was trash. Instead, I was reading trash.
Jimmy 2016 m. gegužės 7 d. 07:59:01
Superbly illtuinaming data here, thanks!
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